Friday, 14 June 2013

LUST FOR LIFE: june edition

To begin off with, I'm just going to write a hasty disclaimer about the prices of most of the makeup products. They are not cheap, and I will go as far as saying that the Tom Ford product should come with an insurance policy or some kind of extortion compensation. I'm not suggesting that you (or I) should rush out and buy these or even be able to afford them as they are pricy and I currently have about fifty-five pence to my name so I definitely won't be doing anything but lusting after them for the foreseeable future or selling my well-worn organs to science for experiments in order to receive a beautiful sum of cash. I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives, but I am lazy and horrible at finding a bargain - I am the kind of person who buys something only to find it in the sale a day later and upon such discoveries I feel hugely disappointed at my lack of frugality. If any of you celestial creatures (I like to refer to humans as mythical creatures because it makes my general misanthropy easier to bear if I feel you all have some ethereal qualities about you) have any cheaper recommendations, please leave a comment below.
I'm off to Barcelona and Benicássim festival in about a month's time and I currently am looking for holiday essentials, otherwise known as ways to buy into consumerism and blow all of the invisible money I have. I'm trying to achieve a certain look makeup wise, and in a conversation with my best friend I referred to it as "Ibiza prostitute". For an English student, I am awful with  allusions and I'm sure this is evident already, but what I mean is that kind of smoky, sexy, "I've been up all night doing a naughty sex" (I will regret writing that later) look. Tanned skin, lots of eyeliner and bronze and gold eyeshadow, lived-in hair and a nude lip. I feel that "Woodwinked" has that holiday vibe as it becomes gradiented when blended and doesn't look too polished which is revolting on holiday and, unfortunately, will sweat off anyway leaving an unsightly tide line (see what I did there!) on your eye. The Tom Ford eyeshadow palette isn't necessarily summery and it would look utterly divine as I wrap myself in furs and channel a Russian Tzar during the savage winter months. However, purple is my favourite colour and it also looks amazing on green eyes and I'm highly into cats and their looks - with the almost unnatural way purple enhances green, my eyes become feline-esque and I don't look like I've rolled off the program "Skint".

NARS is such a hyped brand and whilst I love the two products I own - the famed "Laguna" bronzer and the bright fuchsia matte lipstick "Funny Face" which I solely bought because that is the colour Zooey Deschanel wears in "New Girl" and let's be honest, who doesn't want to emulate Zooey - I don't want to spend £30.50 on a foundation that isn't a distinguished brand like Chanel, YSL, Dior or whatever and regret it. Sheer Glow seems like the perfect choice of foundation for me if I could prise myself away from Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. However, I think B10 (the palest - I look anaemic or jaundiced 80% of the year) is much too pale and due to shamefully using sunbeds, I'm now about an NC25/30. "Fiji" or maybe even the next shade up should suffice. I really despise a full coverage makeup on my skin, it clings to my tragically dehydrated skin and I'm young with clear skin and I don't feel that a heavy foundation does anything but make one look as though they are in drag. Great for photoshoots, great on stage, not cute when you're not a Hollywood filmstar.

I think the Benefit mascara speaks for itself - another hyped product, I want to see what the fuss is all about and I want eyelashes so long that they look as though it almost pains face to keep my eyes open. I want drama, darling! (Imagine Liza Minelli saying that and everything is well.) Anastasia Brow Wiz seems perfect for what I want too: I'm currently using the Benefit brow palette and sometimes it borders Scouse-brow as I have thick eyebrows that tuft at the front. I want more precision so I don't look like I'm balancing garden creatures above my eyes, and I can still retain the Debbie Harry arch I worked so hard on during my "I want to be Debbie Harry so I'm going to bleach my hair and change my face" phase three years ago.

The ASOS cami and the backpack seem great for a festival setting. I do not have the arms for a cami, I look like an Eastern European shotputter and that's okay, but as there is no viable option for me to wear entirely long-sleeved outfits in thirty plus degree heat, I have no choice. The backpack is for me to carry my adventure tools in. In other words, it's large enough to store vodka, twenty cigarettes, some lipstick, some perfume and my technological essentials in it.


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    1. I do too - I haven't yet! I've heard they're warm-toned though so if your skin is pink-based I don't think they'd be ideal.

  2. I really want to try the nars foundation out heard so much good reviews about the brand :) xx |Macadamia Oil Giveaway


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